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Tran's Tailor Shop

Tran’s Tailor Shop specializes in high quality clothing alterations to fit you just right - flattering your exact size and shape, making you feel good. Tran’s Tailor Shop is the service side of the fashion industry, working to customize clothing to suit you. Providing the perfect look through the perfect fit, Tran’s tailors are skilled in style, fit, alterations and maintenance to make every item of clothing suit an individual's shape and style.

Our History


Throughout its history, the company has offered a top-notch custom made tailoring service to its customers. Since 1997 the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across Columbus, Georgia. That proud legacy of quality and service endures today and guides our business in every way. We pursue every avenue of excellence and customer convenience.


Tran’s Tailor Shop has a reputation for quality alterations tailoring. Our heritage as Columbus’ leading alterations tailors goes back 20 years. For elegance, quality, style, and value we rival and surpass the best tailoring houses around Columbus.


We welcome the opportunity to be in service.


Our Expertise


Heading Tran’s Tailor Shop is the effervescent Huong Tran. With her love of the business and expertise in customized fine clothing, along with hard work and enthusiasm, Huong Tran, the heir to a dignified family of high-end tailoring, decided to carry on the family business and open what today is an exceptional enterprise.


Demand for services is so great that appointments are booked constantly. Huong makes monthly calls on her customers to carry out fittings, make alterations and take new orders, giving customers the opportunity to expand their wardrobes and refresh old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualized attention they can take for granted at Tran’s Tailor Shop.


Our Commitment


We have only one mission: to deliver the heritage of alterations to the modern citizens with exceptional service and unparalleled results. We love what we do; we take it very seriously and have high standards for our customized garments.
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